"After 4 treatments on the Photon Genius & Genie, by Loli Heimberg, I am able to walk without my cane. I had cancer surgery in 2003 and had my femoral nerve severed, which resulted in being told by the doctors, I would never walk again.  Since    then I rehabbed to the point of walking with a brace and / or cane and resorting to the wheelchair for distances. I also had severe joint inflammation in my shoulders, hands, knees, ankles etc,  After Photon treatment my pain levels are reduced and in some areas completely gone. My balance is great, and I feel stable on my feet for the first time in years.  Overall, my joints throughout my body are less painful and better range of motion. Even my skin looks glowy and younger." 


artist, INDIAN ROCKS beach,  FLORIDA

"i feel transformed after having food poisoning., i went from vomiting and having convulsions to beyond clarity in less than a day because my treatment at the photon light spa. i feel awesome right now (next day), as if my body has been cleared of toxicity and my soul has been set free to soar!"

steve K.

entrepreneur/business owner, boyton beach, florida

"after my first 60 minute treatment on the photon genie, the pain in my left upper shoulder was gone and has not come back, and it's been about two weeks now. i am a believer in the photon machines."

sue o.,

retired x-ray tech, ft. lauderdale,  FLORIDA

"after looking in the mirror, at my thyroid nodule, on the right side of my neck and throat, the swelling has gone down on the right side which is amazing to me after one treatment, after a couple more treaments, i also feel more energy, more positive outlook on life, and less colds and flu."

anthony c.,

realtor-broker, davie, FLORIDA

"OMG, after three treatments on the Photon Genius, Photon Genie and Ionic Foot Detox, My Dr. said I lost 10 pounds. Cholesterol and blood pressure are excellent. Reduced my cholesterol by half and if the results are good the next time she will take me off medication."

Lizbeth P.

finance manger, sunrise, Florida

I have used the photon light machine 4 times now and every time I'm amazed at how good I feel afterwards.  Last week I had a minor surgery and was having some complications with my stitches staying together so I thought I'd do a photon therapy session since it always makes me feel good and WOW.  After 30 mins in the machine I noticed that part of my wound was actually closing and dramatically less swollen.  Thank you Loly for introducing me to this kind of therapy. You are the best!!

Gaby K,

hairdresser, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I have had tendonitis back of left knee for about a year. After one treatment on photon genie (small machine)  & about 10 minutes on the Photon genius. It got way better, with a lot of improvement no more swelling & the pain went away after one treatment.  I am going to come back to get the other leg worked on, and bring my girlfriend for treatment."

jordano B.,

hialeah, florida

"After getting three treatments, my blood work got better & thyroid nodules reduced. After six back to back treatments. Skin is smooth and clear, I feel lighter, and rested,"

Patricia Q

Mexico City,  Mexico

testimonial on hip cartilage problems. "i feel More fluidity. Energized yet relaxed. it feels like i've had a good workout & i'm buzzing."

dr. g. springer, DC, NMD,

clearwater, florida

"I wasn't sleeping and my short term memory wasn't good when I started. It's been much better since I've been getting treatments on the Photon Genius.I've also had issues with my prostrate, and my bladder not emptying, after treatments, my bladder stream is much better."

Richard S.





"I came in with nerve damage from a herniated disk in my lumbar region. i definitely felt improvement only after one treatment. “

Mark M.,

New Hampshire

“Felt improved well being.” I came in achy and sore -- The Photon Genius gave me relief, comfort and improved body circulation. It Relieved my achiness. “

David S,

Ft. Lauderdale, FLorida

“my skin felt really soft and supple after one treatment on the photon genius.“

caroline r.

Ft. Lauderdale, FLorida

about her first photon genius experience...." my body feels lighter, feels like i just exercised, i feel loose & energized"

pam r.

davie, FLorida

about her first photon genius experience..  "i feel more energized and more relaxed. "Her husband comments, " she has a glow and spunk. it's a drastic difference that I have not seen this kind of excitement in you for a long time."



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